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Latest episodes
Episode NamePodcast ShowTagsDate
BxJS Weekly Ep. 49 - Feb 9, 2019 (javascript news podcast)BxJS Weeklyjavascript c++ c#2019-2-9
Catching up with the Anaconda distributionTalk Python To Medeployment python2019-2-9
185 – 🎨 Surface Design & Design Direction with Adriana GeneralloThunder Nerds2019-2-9
Randy Shoup Scaling Technology and OrganizationSoftware Engineering Radiodevops2019-2-8
From voice devices to mobile, you just can't escape JavaScript (JS Party #62)Changelogjavascript vue.js2019-2-8
International Software Engineer and Blogger Geshan ManandharDev Path FM2019-2-8
Knative: Serverless Workloads with Ville AikasSoftware Engineering Dailydeployment kubernetes cloud2019-2-8
How We Construct Software - Part 1 (Substitute Questions)Developer Tea2019-2-8
Coding for the ZX Spectrum and Netflix/Black Mirror's Bandersnach with Matt WestcottHanselminutesplot2019-2-8
ExpressionEngine Community Association with TJ DraperCTRL+CLICK CASTexpressionengine2019-2-7
Web Standards, DevTools, and Browser Preview for Visual Studio CodeThe Web Platformopen-source visual-studio visual-studio-code2019-2-7
VMware Kubernetes Strategy with Brad MeiselesSoftware Engineering Dailykubernetes2019-2-7
Lock-in is a lie, or, paying for Java supportSoftware Defined Talkair go crypto++ security cloud2019-2-7
Teaching Experienced Developers with Clare Sudbery.NET Rocks!.net2019-2-7
The Golden GenerationApplication Security Weeklycloud security ios authentication2019-2-6
Open Source at InstaclustrFLOSS Weekly (MP3)open-source kafka cassandra apache2019-2-6
Potluck - Changing careers × Repo organization × CSS Grid × Certifications × Freelancing × Spammers × MoreSyntax.fmjavascript css reference jobs npm2019-2-6
Coding Interview Preparation: What To Do 24 Hours Before?Simple Programmer Podcastperformance2019-2-6
Instant Re-runAndroid Developers Backstage2019-2-6
Flow StateDesign Detailsios2019-2-6
Tactical design advice for developers (The Changelog #333)Changelog2019-2-6
Sihui HuangRuby Rogues2019-2-6
MAS 068: Juan HerreraAdventures in Angular2019-2-6
Cadre: Automated Investing with Leonid MovsesyanSoftware Engineering Daily2019-2-6
Beating ProcrastinationDeveloper Teajobs2019-2-6