Here is a list of tech podcasts, ordered by the number of episodes indexed by the qit search engine.

If you assume an average of 45 minutes per episode, on average, then that's roughly 7012.5 hours worth of content.

Podcast show listing
ShowLast EpisodeEpisode Count
The .NET Core Podcast2019-3-122
Dev Path FM2019-3-112
Software Engineering Daily2019-3-1184
Developer Tea2019-3-1649
Software Defined Talk2019-3-1114
The Bike Shed2019-3-1188
The Web Platform2019-2-28185
The Web Security Warriors2019-2-287
React Podcast2019-2-2825
Talking Kotlin2019-2-2851
.NET Rocks!2019-2-2851
Application Security Weekly2019-2-2753
FLOSS Weekly (MP3)2019-2-2725
Software Engineering Radio2019-2-27193
Simple Programmer Podcast2019-2-27120
Full Stack Radio2019-2-27109
Design Details2019-2-27287
Ruby Rogues2019-2-27481
Adventures in Angular2019-2-27299
Talk Python To Me2019-2-27202
The Cloudcast2019-2-27424
Base.cs Podcast2019-2-2736
Views on Vue2019-2-2750
Thunder Nerds2019-2-27102
JavaScript Jabber2019-2-27357
Junior Developer Toolbox2019-2-2638
Coder Radio2019-2-26292
Learn to Code With Me2019-2-26101
Real Talk JavaScript2019-2-2622
Sprint UX2019-2-26115
ShopTalk » Podcast Feed2019-2-25104
The 6 Figure Developer Podcast2019-2-2580
Merge Conflict2019-2-25141
Weekly Dev Tips2019-2-2541
Developer on Fire2019-2-25109
This Week in /r/reactjs2019-2-241
BxJS Weekly2019-2-2331
Android Developers Backstage2019-2-22109
Behind the Tech with Kevin Smith2019-2-228
CTRL+CLICK CAST2019-2-21143
React Native Radio2019-2-21114
HTTP 2032019-2-2132
Front End Happy Hour2019-2-19153
The Cynical Developer2019-2-18107
AB Testing2019-2-1897
Coding Blocks2019-2-18100
MS Dev Show2019-2-17212
The Official Vue News2019-2-1258
Swift Unwrapped2019-2-472
Angular Air2019-1-30187
Programming Throwdown2019-1-1586
JAMStack Radio2019-1-835
The Debug Log2019-1-298
Eat Sleep Code2018-12-1795
Herding Code2018-12-1411
Code Crush2018-12-1410
Hacker Daily2018-11-2622
The PHP Roundtable2018-10-2579
Developing Fatigue2018-9-1713
Functional Geekery2018-8-28125
DevOps Cafe2018-8-1350
The Rest of Us in Tech2018-6-194