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Last Episode: 2019-1-30
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AngularAir is a video podcast about the Google Angular platform hosted by Justin Schwartzenberger

Episode listing for Angular Air
ngAir 190 - Angular and Bazel With Minko Gechev2019-1-30
ngAir 189 - Angular CDK Drag and Drop with Alyssa Nicoll2019-1-30
ngAir 188 - The challenges and realities of building the first ngAtlanta conference app, website a custom CMS and the challenges of keeping our world in sync with Zackary Chapple2019-1-30
ngAir 187 - Beyond the lab Air Edition: Making user data work for you with Leonardo Zizzamia2019-1-30
ngAir 186 - Angular Performance Anti-Patterns With Bonnie Brennan2018-12-3
ngAir 185 - Introducing Angular for the Visual Learner With Samantha Rhodes2018-12-3
ngAir 184 - The ngVikings Crew2018-12-3
ngAir 183 - Live from AngularConnect 20182018-12-3
ngAir 182 - Angular 72018-12-3
ngAir 181 - Policy-Based Client-Side Encryption in Angular with Robert Pinna2018-12-3
ngAir 180 - Angular in the .NET World with Jeremy Likness2018-10-17
ngAir 179 - AngularConnect Preview with Pete Bacon Darwin2018-10-17
ngAir 178 - Angular on Google Cloud With Jeff Whelpley2018-10-17
ngAir 177 - Angular Ivy with Uri Shaked2018-10-17
ngAir 176 - Containerizing Angular Apps with Docker with Dan Wahlin2018-10-17
ngAir 175 - GraphQL With Bonnie Brennan2018-8-28
ngAir 174 - What’s New With NativeScript With TJ VanToll2018-8-28
ngAir 173 - Angular Console with Victor Savkin, Dan Muller, Ayşegül Yönet and James Henry2018-8-15
ngAir 172 - xplat multi-platform tools for Nx workspaces with Nathan Walker and Jeff Whelpley2018-8-15
ngAir 171 - Angular Playground for Scenario Driven Development2018-8-15